Top Ten Strategists

Hey everyone, I have decided that every week I will be doing a top ten list every week. This First week, i have decided to do the top ten strategists. These people use their brain to win battles. They also stun the fans by coming up with solutions to complicated and almost impossible problems. So, here we go

10) Sadaharu Inui

Inui grabs the #10 spot this week. He is from prince of tennis, an incredible sports anime. He uses his “data tennis” to defeat his opponents. He like to record the data and stats of every tennis player around him. He takes this data and uses it to predict where the ball will land, and also identify his opponents weaknesses. His trademarks are his shiny glasses and his data book.

9) Hikaru Shindo

#9 goes to Hikaru Shindo from Hikaru No Go. Hikaru is a professional Go player. An ancient game of strategy played mostly in Asian countries. Throughout the series, you witness Hikaru go from beginner to a formidable go player capable of going up against professional players around the globe. Hikaru’s ability to quickly learn new strategies at a fast pace makes him #9

8) Hiruma Youichi

Hiruma Youichi is the star quarterback from Eyeshield 21. He lacks the physical strength of your average football player. He makes up for it by having a strong mind. He comes up with strange plays that involve unorthodox movements and strategy. He has an eye for talent which he uses to scout new players.  His ability to think under pressure and not being afraid to take a risk, Hiruma make an awesome quarterback. 

7) Edward Elric

Edward Elric takes the stage! Being a state alchemist is a pretty hard job, especially when your short like Edward. Able to think on his feet, Edward can turn a hopeless situation into a victory. Knowing pretty much the elements that make up every material in the world, Edward can transform ordinary objects into weapons. This ability opens up a world of possibilities for Edward, and he’s able to take full advantage of it.

6) Fukiwara-No-Sai

Sai is the mentor and guardian spirit of Hikaru Shindou. He is a ghost that lived for hundreds of years. He spends his spare time coming up with strategies for go. He aids Hikaru from time to time but he is known all around the world for defeating Toya Meijin; Japan’s number 1 go player. The fact that he is an ancient spirit allows him all the time in the world to think up new ways to beat his foes.

5) Yugi Motois 

Everyone knows Yugi from anime classic YU-GI-OH. No matter what the situation, Yugi always knew how to get back in the game. Always believing in the heart of the cards always seemed to work for him lol

4) Light Yagami

This one is pretty obvious. Light is the main character of Death Note. He uses his genius to carry out his idea of justice. Killing all the world’s criminals is no easy task. It gets even harder when you have a genius detective after you. Light does his best to avoid suspicion, and he succeeds for the most part. But in the end, he is able to vanquish L, which makes him #4

3) Shikamaru Nara

Shikamaru is the brilliant strategist from Konoha in the Naruto series. His tendency to sit back and take his time to evaluate the situation is a stroke of genius. Just let your opponent think he’s winning, then come back with a plan to take him down. His abilities allow him to be a natural leader and a great strategist.

2) L

Everyone loves L! He is the direct enemy of Light from the death note series. I ranked him above Light because, he always seemed to be one step ahead. His strange behaviors make him a fan favorite, perhaps eating all that sugar makes him smarter. Even though Light tried his best to convince L that he was innocent, everyone could tell that L knew the truth right off the bat. Luckily, L’s successors we’re able to take down Light in the end. 

1) Lelouch Lamperouge

Number 1 is gonna go to the king of strategy; Lelouch. Throughout the Code Geass series, Lelouch has to use his brains to go up against enemy soldiers, then he uses it to go against the world! The fact the he can use the smarts to mobilize and create an entire rebellion army is unbelievable.He has the ability to command people when he looks them in the eye. His uses the full potential of this ability to get what he wants. He is not your average high school student. His strategies make him a threat to the entire world.


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